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Need a job? Trying to fill a position?
Let our extensive the network of people know!
So why not give it a try??

The Fun Sport & Social Group

With lots of dot-coms failing and the economy tanking, many talented people are being laid off from their jobs. So many of our friends have been circulating their resumes in the hopes of networking to find a new position, that we have created this FSSG Job Bank for our members.

The concept is very simple. If you're looking for a job, email us a paragraph about the type of job you're looking for and your experience in that field (company names are good but not necessary). Include an email address for people to contact you if they have information about a job. No resumes, please. We'd rather protect your privacy and won't give out your phone # or address to the world.

We are posting job openings as well. Many of us know of job openings at work and a lucky few even get referral bonuses if someone we recommend gets hired, so it's a win-win situation. If your company has an opening, please email us with a job description and your email address, so interested job-seekers can reach you personally to get the lowdown on what your company is like and you can learn a little about them before you recommend them to your HR department. Sound good?

People Seeking Jobs

BSME looking for Mechanical Engineering Design Position. 3 years experience. Trained in Pro-E, AutoCad, Cadra. Have outstanding references. (978)-430-5918 Thanks!


Job Openings

OPEN POSITION: High School Math Teachers!

I am in search of some high school (maybe middle school) math teachers. I am looking for a couple math teachers who would be willing to be interviewed and maybe observed in the classroom. Does anyone have any contacts who'd be willing??? Thanks for your help!!!! Shannon

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-The FunSports Team

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