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FSSG Softball Rules

Team make-up: Any number of players on the roster.  Teams should have at least three women on the field at all times.  If you have less than three women, you take an out every time a missing woman’s spot in the batter order comes around.  This is a fun recreational league.  Teams may recruit two players from other teams to play in a game (but only one female sub), as long as they have a minimum of 8 original team players, (at least one woman) and they field no more than 10 players, then it will not be a forfeit.  Only players on the team roster are allowed to play in the playoffs.  Players can only be on one roster when playoffs begin.

Start & End of Games - Captains meet with the umpire 5 minutes before designated start time (see schedule) and each person pays the umpire $15 cash for their team.  The umpire collects $30 cash per game.

Play will start on time! There will be No Grace Period as games are timed (maximum one hour and 15 minutes long).  After 60 minutes from the game’s start time, the inning currently being played will be the last completed inning.  If one team has less than 8 players (one must be a woman) at game time, they are automatically the away team, and start batting (including any necessary missing women spots).  If that team still has less than 8 players after batting - a forfeit is awarded.  If both teams do not have 8 players at game time, it is a double forfeit.  Line-ups are given to opponent at start of game; captains notify other team when additions to line-up are made.  No warm-ups after 2nd inning. 

ForfeitsTeams with 3 forfeits will not be eligible for any further games! If no one from your team shows up at the field and FSSG & the other team were not notified in advance, we’ll be very upset with you and may consider further punitive action against your team. Don’t waste everyone’s time, pick up the phone and let us know you’re not coming! So, if you are going to be a no show, call FSSG and the other team by 3pm of game day.

Players on the Field - Maximum of 10 fielders, minimum of 8.  There is a maximum of 7 males in the field at one time and a minimum of 3 females. If you only have 2 females, you take an out each time the missing woman would have batted.  If a team only has 8 fielders, the opponent will supply a non-defensive catcher.  A team must supply their own catcher if they have 9 or more players.

Batting Order –There must be at least 3 females in the batting order (see below for penalty).  No maximum number of batters (male or female) in order.  Everyone on your team gets to bat, even if they are not in the game yet. You may not bat more than three men in a row.

Penalty for Missing women - All 3 women's spots must appear in the order from the start, an out will be accessed each time that a "missing women" comes to bat (even in the first inning). 

Late arrivals - All men are added to the end of the lineup.  Women are also added to the end, unless a team is playing with less than 3, then the late arriving woman is inserted into any spot occupied by "a missing woman".  All late arrivals are added in the order that they arrive. 

Players leaving early - A player who cannot bat (injury, or has left the premises) in their designated spot is not penalized.  That spot in the order is simply skipped.  However, if a woman cannot bat, causing the team to be left with less than 3 women, it is an out each time the spot comes to bat.  A forfeit will be declared if a team is left with less than 8 players. 

Substitutions – New players are added to the end of the lineup.  Batting order always remains the same, changes in field position are irrelevant.

No Stealing!  - This is a recreational fun league and it is not allowed.  Ever.  A player on base can only leave the base after the pitch crosses the plate or contact is made.

Pitch Count - To keep the game moving, the count starts at 1-1.

Base on Balls to a Male (with female to follow) - When a male reaches first base on a base on balls and a female spot follows in the batting order, the batting woman will choose to bat or take the walk. 

Courtesy Runners - If a player needs a courtesy runner, they must tell the umpire before batting, it is then announced to the fielders.  Once a batter asks for a runner, it is automatic for the rest of the game, but should be asked for and announced to the fielders.  The replacement runner is the last person to have made an out - a man for a man, and a woman for a woman.  If a runner is visibly injured while running the umpire may use discretion in allowing a courtesy runner. 

Player Eligibility for Playoffs - To be eligible for the play-offs, one must play in at least 4 games.

Legal game - 4 1/2 (if home team is ahead) to 7 innings, time and weather permitting.  Ties will stand if game is called.  If inning cannot be completed due to darkness or weather, score reverts back to last completed inning (unless in bottom of inning and home team is now ahead).

12 run rule - If a team is ahead by 12 or more runs (after a completed inning) after the 5th inning, the game will be called.

10 run inning – If a team scores 10 runs in one inning, they stop batting and take the field, no matter how many outs there are. Let’s keep the game moving and keep it fun for everyone.

Fouling out - 2 foul balls after receiving 2 strikes is an automatic out.

No Bunting - any full swing that is fair is OK. 

Pitching – Pitches must have a 6 – 12’ arc before they reach the plate.  Speed must be slow.  Pitches must be underhand. Any kinds of spin and under hand release points are legal. 

Sliding/Base Running - No take out slides (determining factor is intent, and if runner cannot reach base during slide) or plowing over fielders, this will result in automatic out and Ejection.  We’re here to have fun, not get injured, and we all have to work the next day.  Play nice!

Smoking/Trash – The Parks Dept is very strict about trash, please pick up after yourself. 

Sportsmanship and FUN! - Above all else, this league is for FUN! FSSG and its umpires will not hesitate to eject and/or expel players for inappropriate acts.  If you can’t play nice or keep your temper in check, please join a competitive league and don’t play in ours.  This is not life and death, IT”S JUST A GAME!!!

The Fun Sport & Social Group will not hesitate to remove players and/or teams without refund who cannot adhere to its policies and standards.  FSSG reserves the right to change any rule at any time, for the betterment of the league.


General Info to Captains regarding FSSG Softball

Game Schedule - Regular season games will be scheduled from May 1 thru June 19.  Teams will play one game per week.  Games are played on Tuesday evenings at Cleveland Circle under the lights, first game starts at 6:00 pm.  Other game times are 7:15, 8:30 and 9:45.  Make-up games of rainouts will be scheduled on Sundays.  Sunday games will be played between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. 

Directions for Fields - directions for fields will be forwarded to captains before the start of the year.  It is your responsibility to get them to your teammates.  They will also be on our Web site, 

Rainouts - Captains must call FSSG at 781-320-8933 [or email Kathy at] between 4 & 4:30 pm for our decision.  If the game is on, the decision to play and/or continue play will be solely up to the umpire.  If your team does not show, you forfeit, even if the game is called.  Advance notice of at least 10 days will be given for make-ups, except at the end of the season & the playoffs.  Make ups will be played on Sundays.

Playoffs - Playoffs will take place June 25th and July 10th.  All teams advance to the play-offs.  Playoff format is single elimination.  The following criteria will be used to determine seeding for play-offs in case of a tie in team record: 1) Head to Head 2) Record against common opponents 3) Record against common opponents ahead in standings 4) Record against common opponents below in standings 5) Record against each common opponent starting at the top, one team at a time 6) compare Strength of Schedule (winning percentage of all opponents).  7) Coin Toss

Sportsmanship and FUN! - Above all else, this league is for FUN.  All captains are expected to make sure their players follow league rules.  If you know you have a “hothead” player who is argumentative with the umps and other teams, runs the bases too aggressively and has a short temper, DEAL WITH THEM BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS.  Make sure they know the rules and that it is a fun league.  Then they won’t be surprised when the umpire tosses them out of the game for bad behavior. 

The Fun Sport & Social Group will not hesitate to remove players and/or teams without refund who cannot adhere to its policies and standards.  Good luck!