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Fun Sport and Social Group

2001 Outdoor Soccer League



League Play

The operative word of the league is in its sponsor’s name: fun.  This is a recreational soccer league in which sportsmanship is paramount.  FSSG reserves to the right ban a player from the league for unsportsmanlike conduct (verbal or physical).  Any verbal or physical abuse of game officials will not be tolerated; such action may result in a ban from the league.

Play hard—not rough—and keep your cool.  Have fun, darn it!


A certified referee will officiate each game according to FIFA rules of soccer play.  Any exceptions or modifications to these are noted below.


·          11 players constitute a full team (1 goalkeeper and 10 field players); a minimum of 8 registered players (including a minimum of one woman) from the team’s roster is needed at game time, otherwise a forfeit will be issued.  In the event of a forfeit, teams and individuals may use the field for a scrimmage and/or practice for the duration of 90 minutes.

·          In the event that a team cannot field 11 players at game time, the team may add up to five non-roster players (yet FSSG-registered) to complement its available roster players, as long as the opposing team’s captain and referee consent to this arrangement.

·          Coed play: a team may field only up to 7 men at any time; there is no cap on the number of women players on a full team.  In other words, at least 4 of the 11 players on the field must be women; a team plays a player down for each woman missing if it cannot field four women players.

·          More than 11 players on the field or more than 7 men on the field will result in a five-minute penalty, in which the team must play a man down.

·          Substitutions for a team’s players are permitted at the time of that team’s throw-in, corner kick, direct kick, or other stopped play in which the team has possession.  Substitutions may be made by either team at the time of a goal kick or kick-off, or during significant stoppage of play.  The referee must be notified and permit any substitution, which should occur at the center sideline.  There is no limit on the number of substitutions a team can make during a game.

·          Shinguards are mandatory. 

·          Slide tackles into another player are not permitted under any circumstance.

·          Soccer cleats are highly recommended.  However, no replaceable, six-stud cleats, please.

·          Goalies should wear a jersey that is clearly distinguishable from field players.

·          Linesmen:  Each team should provide an individual to the previous or following game to assist the referee by conducting linesman duties (e.g., indicating offside positioning, out-of-bounds, correct throw-in procedure, other infractions).

·          Games consist of two 45-minute halves (running time), with a 10-minute halftime break.  Regular season games will be allowed to end in a tied score.



Additions and/or modifications to these rules may be made by FSSG during the season.

The Field

Morrison Park is a city park, and therefore we must adhere to the rules and regulations set by the City of Medford. 

·          No alcoholic beverages are permitted.  Violation of this rule will disqualify the player(s) or team from the league.

·          No dogs are allowed in the park.  Sorry, pooch.


In the event of heavy rain, games will be cancelled.  Complete rainout information and policy will be provided at a later date.


There are no bathrooms or water fountains at the park. Bring your own drinks. There are stores, such as FoodMaster, Osco Drug, and convenience stores and food joints nearby.




In general terms, the Morrison Park is located in residential neighborhood near Steven's Square, Medford, close to the intersection where Rte 28 (Fellsway) and Rte 60 (Salem St.) meet.

The park is off of Central Ave., between Spring St. and the Fellsway, south of Salem St. 

There should be parking available around the park (no residential permits to worry about).



To get to Salem St./Route 60, take Exit 32 off I-93, and head east toward Malden.  Take a right at Stevens Square/Spring St, about a mile away.  Head south to Central Ave (the next stop light) and take a left.  The park will be one block away, on your left.  (If you reach the Fellsway while driving east on Salem St., you can simply take a right onto the Fellsway/ Route 28, head south, and take a right at the light at Central Ave.  The park is a couple of blocks away, on your right.)

Other notable routes: 

From Somerville (east) and Cambridge: The McGrath Hwy in Somerville is Route 28; it turns into the Fellsway as it crosses the Mystic River into Medford.

From Somerville (Davis Sq.):  College Av. turns into Warner, which turns into Harvard Av. as you head into Medford past Tufts.  The road then becomes Mystic Valley Pkwy (at I-93), which leads to the Fellsway/Route 28 at Wellington Circle.

From Route 2 at Alewife:  Take Route 16 to the left heading east (north) to I-93 northbound and exit at Exit 32—Salem St.


Public Transportation:

Take the Orange line or the MBTA local bus.

The buses that serve the area are 100 and 101, which leave hourly from Wellington (at the half hour) and Malden Ctr (at the hour), respectively.  (The 101 is the bus the runs between Sullivan Sq. to Medford Sq. and then to Malden Station and back.)  In Medford, it runs along Salem St; simply get off at the Stevens Square stop (near FoodMaster grocery store).  The 100 runs up the Fellsway; get off at the Central Av./Medford St stop, near an auto repair shop.


If you'd rather walk from the T (or you missed the bus), the Malden Center (Orange Line) Station is about a 20-min walk to the park.  Simply walk west along Pleasant St, to the Fellsway and head south to Central Av.